iOS 14 Jailbreak

Jailbreak Passcode / Disable Device on iOS 14-14.2

iPhone 6S/6S+7/+/8/8+/X

Mac Method

Files: Download

1. Jailbreak with checkra1n patched

2. While tool checkra1n patched show booting, phone need on Diagnostics mode by following key combination method:

—> SE - 6S - 6SP ———  Home And Vol+

—> 7 - 7P - 8 - 8P - X ——— Vol + and Vol -

2. Now Phone in diagnostic mode and jailbreak success on 1st step, use mina usb and patch it

3. Now simply use official checkra1n 0.12.0 & complete jailbreak as usual method.

All Done Yeah



iPhone 7/7plus is fully working iPhone 8/8plus/X are still limited. Turn off passcode before proceeding. One more thing, If you jailbreak, you will lost FaceID and Touch ID Functionality. You have to keep that in mind.

Youtube Tutorial -

Keep Hold Both volume keys upon jailbreak to avoid error -20.

Ubuntu here:

Universal USB Installer here:

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Jailbreak Passcode / Disable Device on iOS 14-14.4.2

iPhone 6S/6S+7/+/iPads

Mac Method

 Must Be iOS 14.x to 14.4.2

 MAC Support Only

 After Service Complete - Jailbreak Successful

Order Serial in Service 
Download - Link
1. Put device in DFU Mode & use Mina Loader and follow steps 
2. Now Patch USB Restriction with MinaUSB 
3. Now Open checkra1n 0.12.2 and jailbreak as Usual Method, Put your device in Recovery Mode & Jailbreak your device Via Checkra1n: 

After Patch & Jailbreak Done, Use FMI OFF Service Listed On Website
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